VUZF University of Finance, Business and Entrepreneurship celebrates 15 years of its launch this year. It is ranked 4-th in the overall University ranking of the Ministry of Education and Science in the field of finance and economics. It has a creative academic environment which brings professionals and academics from different fields of expertise. 

Gary Gereffi

Jon Gardiner/Duke Photography

Prof. Gary Gereffi
Director, Duke CGGC

The Duke University Center on Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness (Duke CGGC) undertakes research that addresses economic and social development issues for governments by utilizing the global value chain (GVC) framework, which is now recognized by WTO, ILO, World Bank, UNIDO, Inter-American Development Bank and many other international organizations. I have known Assoc. Prof. Evgeni Evgeniev, PhD for over a decade now and I think his extensive knowledge of GVC and efforts to disseminate the GVC framework around the Bulgarian academia and private sector is commendable. His course on “Global Value Chains: Firm and Industrial Perspective” and the Master Program “Global Technology Commercialization and Finance” have a lot of value for ambitious entrepreneurs and mid-career professionals in Bulgaria, who seek global knowledge and expertise.


Dr. Didier Kane, Lecturer
GTC and Finance

The University of Texas at Austin is rated among the top universities in the world for entrepreneurship and its Global Technology Commercialization Program has created over a billion dollars of revenues for global  startups selected through its very stringent process.  As Executive Consultant to the University for this program, and having led several of its deployments in Korea, I have personally selected a number of Small and Medium Businesses, and achieved significant business deals with global leaders in their respective fields.  I look forward to making this wealth of successful experience available to the students in Bulgaria. The Master Program on “Global Technology Commercialization and Finance”is a leading-edge degree program. It combines leading academics, entrepreneurs, former government officials and technology transfer and commercialization experts from multiple countries to offer a hand-on learning experience that will rival what is available at the best universities in the world. This new program will equip both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs with the tools necessary to transform their original ideas into successful global products or services.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Evgeni Evgeniev,
GTC and Finance

The GTC and Fınance program does integrate global and local knowledge which is targeted to mid-career corporate officials and entrepreneurs. It is a unique program for Bulgaria which brings experts from 10 countries in interdisciplinary fields. As a former economist at the World Bank and active participant in policy-making of the innovation and research system of Bulgaria, I feel very motivated to transfer my experience to professionals from different fields of the private sector.



Mr. Dimitar Dimitrov,
Partner, Novarto

Former Vice-President, SAP-Lab, Bulgaria

The GTC and Finance program is a very good mix of practical and theoretical knowledge connected with lecturers from whom everyone can learn. Recommend to those who want to change something…